Refugee Camps in Bulgaria


Member State of the European Union since 2007, seriously hit by the economic crisis and by political instability, Bulgaria is currently facing one of the most critical moments of its recent history.
 The nation is in fact the scene of a new phenomenon as it became the only passageway to Europe for hundreds of families fleeing the conflict in Syria because of the construction of the wall in the region of Evros, Greece, at the border with Turkey. Totally unprepared to deal with such an important phenomenon (they estimated that only in the months of October/November 2013 about ten thousand refugees crossed the border between Turkey and Bulgaria) Bulgaria immediately called for the European Union's economic aid.

As winter approaches, the situation in the camps - often set in disused schools or abandoned military complexes - has precipitated. On November 19th 2013 Amnesty International, after visiting the refugee camp of Harmanli - where issues of public order due to the extreme conditions in which Syrian refugees live are often reported - declared the humanitarian crisis.

During his stay in Bulgaria Anselmi is documenting document the activities of the police along the Bulgarian border and the Syrian refugee camps.

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