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War in Ukraine

A selection of the finest images shot by Giulio Piscitelli during the war in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.


-Those who burn borders- This is what the word Harraga means. Since 2010 the project followed the great issue of our time, the immigration, trying to describes as much deeper is possible this fundamental topic. From the African routes towards the European borders, to the Eastern European routes triggered by international crises that have never been healed; from mismanagement of the phenomenon to the policies of closing the borders implemented by European countries up to the dynamics of inclusion / exclusion for foreigners arriving on European territory.

The retaking of Mosul

In October 2016, military operations began for the liberation of the city of Mosul, which in 2014 was occupied by the Islamic State, which declared it the capital of the Caliphate. The conflict saw the massive intervention of armed groups supported by Iran, which seized the moment to finally sanction its influence on Iraq. Iraq's second most important city, with a Sunni majority, was liberated by the Iraqi army and Shia paramilitary groups in July 2017. The victory on the ground temporarily put an end to the domination of the Islamic state, but it triggered and further strained relations between the two political-religious currents of the country; not guaranteeing the future peace and stability that the region desperately needs.


About 400,000 dead, about 12 million displaced. These are some of the numbers of the Syrian war, which began in the spring of 2011 and has not yet ended. The Syrian revolution, which began like many other revolts in the Arab squares against totalitarian regimes for the demand for more political and civil rights, quickly turned into one of the bloodiest conflicts of the last thirty years. A battlefield with an infinite number of actors involved, the best known perhaps ISIS, which saw its birth and strengthening in the Syrian conflict. Syria has represented and represents the playing field for international interests, the chessboard where the games of force and international alliances are weighed. And where, as in all conflicts, these power games see the civilian population as the first victim.


Giulio Piscitelli (1981, Napoli), after a degree in Communication Studies, approached photojournalism working with Italian and foreign news agencies. Since then his work is mainly related to current topics and in last years he mainly focused on the immigration topic, producing his first and ongoing long term project “Harraga”.
During the years he expanded his interests covering international news and stories in Italy and abroad for many different newspapers and magazines.
Since 2013 is represented by Contrasto agency.

Naples, Italy

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Harraga. In viaggio bruciando le frontiere. Contrasto. 2017


2019. 1st prize at Lodi Festival, non profit category
2017. Finalist Eugene Smith Fund
2017. 1st place Ponchielli Prize
2016. Finalist Leica Oscar Barnak Awar
2016. NPPA Honor mention international news
2016. 3rd  prize Poyi World understanding award
2015. National photography award city of Benevento, best young photographer of the year
2015. World report award Master Category
2014. Finalist Hannover photo festival
2013. Finalist Bayeux de Calvados Award for war correspondents
2012. Magnum emergency Fund grantee
2011. Giancarlo Siani award for the freedom of press

Exhibitions & Screenings

2019. Zakhem. Old Truman brewery. London, UK
2018. Zakhem. Casa Emergency. Milan, Italy
2018. Harraga. Maison des Metallos. Paris, France
2017. Harraga. Forma Meravigli Gallery. Milan, Italy
2016. Balkan route. War Photo Limited Space. Croatia
2015. Harraga. La Maternitè d’Elne. France
2015. Harraga. Visa Pour L’Image. Perpignan, France
2012. Harrraga. International Festival on migration. Bologna, Italy
2011. Harraga. Exhibition at International Festival of Journalism. Perugia, Italy
2010. Rosarno portraits. Archivio Parisio. Napoli, Italy