• Michele Palazzi



Finisterrae departs from a reflection upon the ancient region of Lusitania in today’s Portugal, in search of the origins of European culture and identity. This “end of the world”, left me with a strong feeling of abandonment, like a place that is condemned to remain as it is, motionless. I set out to capture this claustrophobic atmosphere, representing the subjects as cultic figures. Time dissolves in a sense of inaction. The landscapes seem to be the only testimonies of time passing.

Black Gold Hotel

In the last decade the economy of Mongolia has grown at an unprecedented rate. Gold, coal and copper mines beckon investments by foreign companies. In this accelerated development traditional ways of life, based on ancestral nomadic herding, are undergoing a crisis. Many families have moved in large urban centers. Others, however, try to resist. Black Gold Hotel is a journey in the daily lives of people all over the country, from the families in the Gobi desert to the young people in UlaanBaatar.


Michele Palazzi was born in Rome in 1984.
In 2007 he gained a master degree in Photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia. At the beginning of his career, he has worked on the social project Migrant Workers Journey recipient of the Project Launch Award 2011 at Center Santa Fe. Afterwards he started working on “Black Gold Hotel”, a long-term project about the modernization impact in Mongolia. Later, he worked on a long-term project about the disappearance of the rural traditions in China.
His work deals with current social issues through a subjective approach, and his projects confront the contemporary man with his origins, through a look that investigates the past in order to interpret the present.
He lives in Rome.

Rome, Italy

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FINISTERRAE: terra di confine. Origini edizioni and Leporello. 2019


2021. Recipient of New Post Photography Award
2018. Nominee – Prix HSBC pour la Photographie
2017. First Prize – Conflict – Visible Withe Photo Prize, Celeste Network
2015. First Prize – the Daily life category / Stories of the World Press Photo
2013. First Prize – Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013
2011. CENTER Santa Fe Project Launch Award

Exhibitions & Screenings

2019. Raconte-moi une histoire – La jeune photographie Italienne, by Institut culturel italien. Paris, France
2017. Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene by The Independent Air. Aarhus, Denmark
2017. Festival di Fotografia contemporanea – DiecixDieci. Gonzaga,Italy
2016. Oltre la Muraglia, by Sant’Anna School of advanced studies and Confucio Institute. Pisa, Italy
2015. World Press Photo Exhibition
2013. Black Gold Hotel, Athens Photo Festival, Greece
2013. Environmental Photographer of the Year 2013 at Royal Geographical Society London, UK
2012. Migrant Workers Journey, Galleria San Fedele. Milan, Itay
2011. Migrant Workers Journey, New Mexico Museum of Art. Santa Fe, USA