Pix.T launches strategic project with four leading photo agencies, supported by the European Commission.

Pix.T, the platform for the future of professional photography, is working with Contrasto, CTK, NOOR, PAP and Worldcrunch to further development of the blockchain-powered solution to manage and monetize images online, with the support of the European Commission.

The Pix.T project, launched in 2019 with the support of Google’s DNI fund for the press, is entering its next phase through the creation of a Europe-wide consortium that brings together five leading media entities: NOOR and Contrasto, two internationally renowned documentary photography agencies; PAP and CTK, two national news agencies; as well as the international English-language media Worldcrunch.

Never has photography (in general, and press photography in particular) occupied such a prominent place in our daily lives of on-the-move, informed citizens. Still, the value of the photography market has collapsed in recent years, severely affecting photojournalists, while fake news and piracy are on the rise. The Pix.T project aims to create a solution that is capable of resolving that paradox, by collaborating with all relevant players in the field: from global press agencies and photographic agencies to freelance photojournalists, media and technology platforms.

We believe that the .JPEG format has undermined the value of images, both in terms of economics and traceability – much like the .MP3 format was detrimental to the music sector, or the .MPEG4 format for the cinema and video sectors, until user-friendly legal offers were designed.

The proof of concept for the Pix.T solution already makes it possible to ensure the authenticity of images while allowing better revenue share from their sale, thanks to its blockchain-powered technology. Ultimately, Pix.T aims to become the new transmission protocol for professional images!

With the support of the European Commission, the is now able to continue developing:

– an end-to-end solution for photo agencies and freelance photographers, allowing them to host and monetize their photo archives, as well as their daily production in a transparent and secure environment, while exploring new markets and new sources of revenue such as NFT and micro-payments;

– an API system for generalist news agencies, allowing them to access and use Pix.T’s blockchain authentication system and automate their contracts and revenue sharing processes with their partners.

Finally, readers and platform users will be just one click away from being able to trace the origin of an image, verify whether a photo is an original or if it has been modified, checking who took it, when, where, etc.

Guided by values of transparency and widening of access, the Pix.T project is part of a dynamic of raising awareness around the issues faced by the world of online professional photography. In that spirit, Pix.T’s mission is to provide the online information ecosystem with the necessary tools to restore and strengthen the trust between media outlets and the general public.



Pix.T is a blockchain-backed technology to drive a new digital economy for professional photography and visual storytelling. Bringing together leading technologists with photojournalists, visual creatives, international media and art market leaders, Pix.T aims to maximize the value of photographic work, ensure control and ethical practices for creators and find new market opportunities for the industry.



The photographers we represent, in addition to a close contact with the media and cultural world, allow Contrasto to play a leading role in the field of author photography.

The network of international partner agencies enriches a wide range of activities: archives, production and distribution of the highest quality photographic content for journalism, for the fashion and publishing industry, corporate communication projects and advertising for companies and institutions.



Czech News Agency is a public corporation established by law. CTK is the biggest newsagency in the country, providing its customers with full multimedia wire service as well as special and individual services. CTK is not subsidized by the state and it is politically and financially independent. CTK´s motto is: speed – reliability – independence.

CTK is the owner of Profimedia and its technological subsidiary Solwee, one of the largest photo platforms in Europe delivering pictures from more than 350 sources to markets in Central and Eastern Europe.



NOOR is a global, multilingual collective of highly accomplished journalists, authors, photographers, artists and filmmakers documenting, investigating and witnessing our world. Since our foundation in 2007, we have become industry leaders, producing images for large media companies and small startups, institutional clients and non-profits. We also teach, host workshops and public programs around photography, media literacy and representation. And while the content of our work is broad, it is unified in our desire to connect the dots around critical issues such as climate change, over consumption, forced migration, the rise of authoritarianism, the injustices of patriarchy and the power of art and music to keep us human.



Polish Press Agency is a state-owned public corporation, established by law. PAP is the biggest news agency in Poland, providing the major media organizations with general news, financial and lifestyle text wire services, as well as photo service (ca. 2000 pictures daily, including pictures taken by 50 PAP’s photographers in Poland and pictures of European Pressphoto Agency from around the world). PAP provides also photo archive (17 million pictures), videos, infographics, and commercial services (newswires, content marketing and distribution) for companies and institutions.



Worldcrunch is a Paris-based digital magazine which delivers the best international journalism in English for the first time, by working in partnership with the world’s top media sources (Die Welt, Les Echos, Jeune Afrique, Kommersant, 端傳媒; El Espectador and 25+ others) and a team of multilingual journalists and translators to publish exclusive reportage and provide a uniquely global view of events.



Benjamin Sabbah – CEO Worldcrunch and Pix.T project director: Ben@worldcrunch.com

For more information: contact@worldcrunch.com – Worldcrunch

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Pix.T for News & Photojournalism project is realized with the support of the European Commission.