• Archivio GBB


ARCHIVIO GBB is an historical photo archive, one of the largest private collections of vintage photographs in Italy, and it is made available for different use, not only for editorial publications.
Over the last few decades, ARCHIVIO GBB has been collecting many rare images. Not only does the archive include material by famous Italian photographers at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a preference for pictures from noble family albums, but also casual, vernacular, or bizarre pictures by amateur photographers, selected because of their particular quality, cultural or graphical & iconic value. For ARCHIVIO GBB a beautiful image must not necessarily be the work of some celebrated photographer: rather, an “interesting” historic image, although anonymous or amateurial, deserves attention if it shows technical or formal qualities.
Currently the digital on-line archive contains 27,000 images (but the full archive contains around 200,000 printed pictures). Upon client request it is possible to run a specific research in the physical archive to meet the need of any “want-list” of images. Although if the archive is in Italy, many historic images are relative to facts and people of World historical relevance, whether in Cinema, Arts, Politics, Science, Sports, Music and Culture.