• Emiliano Mancuso


Born in Rome in 1971, Emiliano Mancuso, who graduated in philosophy, was a photographer and director who focused his investigative work on current issues, above all the invisible ones without a voice. In 2006, he published his first book Made in ltaly (ed. Trolley Books), for the centenary of the CGIL, and in 2008 Terre di Sud (ed. Postcart) was published: a diverse and multicolored portrait on the Southern ltaly. Accompanied by tour journalists, he canvassed ltaly according to thematic issues: hydrogeological instability, immigration, the political and institutional crisis, and poverty. His work was published in the book Stato d’Italia (2011, ed. Postcart). He became Director of the Masters Course in Contemporary Photojournalism at Officine Fotografiche Roma. He worked regularly with leading national and international publications. In 2012 he dedicated himself to audiovisual communication and documentary filmmaking. In 2014, he made his first documentary, Il Diario di Felix, shot entirely at Casa Felix, a group home in the outskirts of Rome that takes in minors with family and legal problems. The documentary was selected for the 2015 Festival dei Popoli in the Panorama section and nominated for a Globo d’oro award for best documentary film in the same year. In 2018, in collaboration with Federico Romano, he made the documentary film Le cicale about the elderly who live in Rome and have to get by on the minimum pension. The documentary was selected at the 2018 edition of the Visioni dal mondo Festival.

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2010. Picture of the Year, third piace, portrait category
2010. lnternational Photography Awards, Honorable Mention
2009. Premio Marco Bastianelli
2008. Honorable Mention – Photojournalism category, Tau Visual Profes­sional National Photographers Association
2008. PDN’s Photo Annual
2005. Premio Fnac Italia “Attenzione Talento Fotografico”
2004. Canon Best Project of the Year Award

Exhibitions & Screenings

2017. Le cicale, Foto Leggendo. Rome, Italy
2014. Il diario di Felix, Foto Leggendo. Rome, Italy
2014. Il diario di Felix, UmbriaWorldFest. Foligno, Italy
2014. Il diario di Felix, Lector in Fabula. Bari, Italy
2011 – 2012, Stato d’Italia, Lumiere Film Festival. Gottingen, Germany
Stato d’Italia, Lector in Fabula. Bari, Italy
Stato d’Italia, Semaine de la culture italienne. Paris, France
Stato d’Italia, Citerna Foto Festival. Città di Castello, Italy
Stato d’Italia, Gallerie Fnac. Milan, Italy
Stato d’Italia, Citerna Fotografia. Citerna, Italy
Stato d’Italia, Officine Fotografiche. Rome, Italy
Stato d’Italia, Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Florence, Italy
2008. Terre di Sud, Galleria Santa Cecilia. Rome, Italy
2008. Terre di Sud, Corigliano Foto Festival, Palazzo Ducale. Corigliano Calabro, Italy
2008. Terre di Sud, Foto Leggendo. Rome, Italy
2008. Collective exhibition: Quotidianamente Fotografi, Galleria S.T. Rome, Italy
2006. Made in ltaly Exhibition, L.A. N.A. Naples, Italy