• Giovanni Porzio


Giovanni Porzio
Writer, journalist, photographer

Born in Milano in 1951, he has been for over three decades the Foreign Editor and the Senior Special and War Correspondent at Panorama, the leading Italian newsmagazine. He now contributes to il Venerdì, the weekly magazine of the Italian daily la Repubblica. Since 1980 he has covered all major conflicts around the world and has travelled in more than 130 countries.
In 1991 he was among the first journalists to enter Kuwait City during operation Desert Storm and a few days later he was taken prisoner by Saddam’s revolutionary guards while he was covering the Basra uprising. In the following years he has covered Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Algeria, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Palestine, Bosnia, Kosovo, Pakistan, Kampuchea, Colombia, Haiti, Russia, Mexico, Cuba, Zaire. In 2001 he was in Afghanistan with the mujahiddin of the Northern Alliance and entered Kabul the day the Taliban left. In 2003 he was Panorama Baghdad Bureau Chief during the war and witnessed the fall of Saddam and the arrival of the American forces. In 2006 he was in southern Lebanon during the Israeli attack on Hezbollah.
Since 2003 he has been regularly covering Iraq, Afghanistan and several hot spots around the world.
More recently he has covered the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and Syria, where he has been every year since the start of the war. His recent assignments include Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Mali, United States, Mexico, Mozambique, Honduras, Cuba, Iran. As visiting professor, he has teached journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has received several national and international awards and has published ten books on Iraq, the Philippines, Somalia, Africa and the Middle East.
His photos have been exhibited in Italy and in Cuba.