• Daniele Dainelli


Domestic archaeology

Western mass media usually linger on the bright lights of the big coast metropolises, but China is a substantially rural country as more than eight hundred million inhabitants are living on agricultural works. However nowadays as in the past, Chinese countryside is hurt by poverty and backwardness, an unacceptable situation for young peasants grown with the myth of the metropolis’ economic miracle.


He was born in 1967 in Livorno.
In 1995 he dedicated himself to photography. With the work “Metropolis”, a series of color pictures on the most important metropolises in the world, he made a name for himself as a photographer on an International level. In 2001 he moved to New York, where he documented the changes after the September 11th tragedy. At the same time, he devoted himself to a project about artists’ communities focused on artists and their creative and exhibition spaces by carrying out a series of photographic features in Europe and the States. Thanks to this reportage, also known as “Le Stanze dell’Arte” (The Art Rooms), he won the Canon Prize 2002 for best photographic project. In 2003 he took part to the “Eurogeneration” project that involved 14 Contrasto photographers, documenting the lifestyle of youth in the 25 countries of the European Community; “Eurogeneration” culminated in an exhibition at Palazzo Reale (Milan) and in a book (Contrasto editions). In 2004 he moved to Tokyo. In 2006 he took part to the collective project “Beijing In and Out”, and in 2007, he joined three Contrasto photographers in realizing the images for the book “Solo in Italia”, including texts by author Antonio Pascale. Besides editorial works, Dainelli is also involved in corporate productions. Over the past years, he has been pursuing long-term photographic projects between Japan and China.

Tokyo, Japan – Shanghai, China

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