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Chronicles from the earthquake

On the night between the 23rd and the 24th of August, 2016, Italy is struck by a violent earthquake that destroys several areas between Lazio, Marche and Umbria, killing almost 300 people and leaving more than 15,000 homeless. In the aftermath of these tragic events, our collective has dedicated itself to documenting the devastating effects of the earthquake, the victims' relief, the response of the institutions and the vicissitudes of the citizens involved, the slow reconstruction and the delivery of the prefabricated houses to the population.

Security Landscape

As threats and fears multiply, concrete actions to reduce risks or their perception become part of the collective imagination. Signs, barriers and conventions become a solid part of urban landscapes within countries that according to recent data are actually increasingly secure. What does the landscape we have built express? What message will we leave to future generations through it? These are some of the questions that arise in front of the "Security Landscape”.

Between eagles and stars

When Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia, on 17th February 2008, hopes for a bright and better future were high. For the vast majority, it was a dream come true: Kosovo could finally stand among the free nations of the world, and the way for its European integration was thus paved. Ten years after that day, the state of Kosovo’s affairs looks dire and the hopes of its people have been largely dashed. The country with the youngest population in Europe also has the highest unemployment rate (33%), which reaches a world’s low when it comes to its youth (60%). Economic paralysis, rampant unemployment, increasing poverty, poor educational standards, widespread corruption, extremism and nepotism, topped by the virtual impossibility of traveling abroad due to the exclusion of Kosovo from visa liberalisation, are choking the future of this country, still not universally recognized as an independent State.


TerraProject Photographers is a collective of documentary photographers founded in Italy in 2006. Its members are Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Pietro Paolini and Rocco Rorandelli.
With an eye on both the Italian reality and the most relevant social and environmental issues, the members of TerraProject have produced numerous individual and group projects, experimenting with an original collective
writing approach. TerraProject produces stories and essays for the editorial market as well as corporate clients and fine art.
Their works have been exhibited in various prestigious venues around the world and the collective’s members have been guests of numerous international photo festivals.
TerraProject photographers have received many prestigious international Awards.

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2020. Gabriele Basilico prize
2018. Landskrona photobook dummy award
2016. Celeste Prize, Streamers
2014. Graziadei prize, MACRO ROMA
2014. PHmuseum grant, Honorable mention
2013. Pesaresi prize for contemporary photography
2012. World Press Photo, second prize Daily life stories
2011. Fujifilm Choose Film Distinctions Award
2011. Fund for Investigative Journalism Grant
2010. World Press Photo, first prize People in News singles
2010. Concorso IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation first prize
2009. Canon Italia prize for young photographers
2008. Atlante Italiano007 Rischio Paesaggio

Exhibitions & Screenings

2021. “Civilization, the Way We Live Now”, MUCEM. Marseille, France
2021. “Bitter Leaves”, Photolux and Riaperture Festivals
2020. “Security landscape”, virtual exhibition with the University of Siena, Italy
2019. “Terrae Motus. Geografie e storie dell’Italia fragile”, Palazzo Acito. Matera, Italy
2019. “Workforce”, Noorderlicht International photography festival. Groningen, Netherlands
2019. “Civilization“, National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne, Australia
2019. “Inshallah”, Lector in Fabula, European Cultural Festival. Conversano, Italy
2019. “Buscando a Bolivar”, Galleria Nicola Pedana. Caserta, Italy
2019.“Workforce” + “Scuola Oggi”, Festival della Fotografia Etica. Lodi, Italy
2017.“The Balkan Route”, European Month of Photography, Luxemburg
2017. “Balance on the zero”, Cuizhenkuan Art Museum, Xi’An, China
2017. “One year, four stories”, MAST. Bologna, Italy
2017. “Land Inc.”, Parlamento Europeo. Bruxelles, Belgium
2016. “Extraordinary visions”, MAXXI. Rome, Italy
2015. “Collective case 11.227”, MACRO. Rome, Italy
2015. “Inshallah”, Photolux Festival. Lucca, Italy
2015. “Hotel Immagine”, Si Fest. Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
2014, “Inshallah”, Complesso del Vittoriano. Rome, Italy
2014, “Land Inc.”, Cortona on the Move Festival. Cortona, Italy
2013, “Wu Ming + TerraProject = 4”. Florence, Italy
2012, “NoNoise”, Rencontres Arles. France
2011, “E.CO 2010“ Katzen Museum. Washington DC, USA
2010, “Bolivianas” Visa Foto Festival. Perpignan, France
2009, “Italian Volcanos” – Lishui Photo Festival, China
2008, “The smoky land” – TOPS Festival of photojournalism. Shenyang, China