• Theo Volpatti


Stolen Identity

This project is about an intimate portrait of the life of Palestinian people. During my 90 days journey into the West Bank I depicted a portrait of a society at the mercer of another country. Drawn into their life thanks to their amazing sense of ospitality I have been able to gain access to incredible stories of beauty and pain.


Theo Volpatti was born among the Valtellina mountains in Italy. He moved to Milan to attend University at Politecnico; in the same period he began to deepen his interest for photography attending courses at I.E.D. In 1999 he moved to New York where 2 years later he finished his studies with a specialization in photography.He is a staff photographer of Contrasto photo agency and the founder of independent publishing house 306books.He currently works and lives in Brooklyn. His subject spans from art to documentary and he has been featured in a range of national and international magazines and exhibitions.

New York City, USA

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Ho Visto Cose. Galleria Ceribelli – Lubrina. 2015
Chemin de fer. 306books. 2013
Mare e Misericordia. 306books. 2013
Estrela do Mar. 306books. 2013
Stolen identity. 306books. 2013
Caranguejeiros. 306books. 2013
Housing the homeless. 306books. 2013
La bestia. 306books. 2013
Captains of the night. 306books. 2013
Dark side of Mongolia. 306books. 2013
8 Mile road divide. 306books. 2013
House of cars. 306books. 2013
Cruelty. 306books. 2013
House of Solitude. 306books. 2013
Looking for Alfred. Hatje Cantz. 2005


2010. Foam Talent
2004. Marco Pesaresi prize

Exhibitions & Screenings

2015. Il tesoro d’Italia. Expo. Milan, Italy
2010. Foam Talent Photography Museum. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2000 – 2021. La Milanesiana festival – Video projections
2006. ‘Looking for Alfred” in collaboration with Johan Grimonprez. Sean Kelly gallery. New York City, USA
2005. “Looking For Alfred” in collaboration with J. Grimonprez. National Museum. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2005. “Looking For Alfred” in collaboration with J.Grimonprez. The Photographer Gallery. London, UK
2004. Portfolio in piazza – Stolen Identity. Savignano, Italy
2001. Palazzo Esposizioni. Saint Petersburg, Russia
1998. Gallerie des galleries. Galleries La Fayette. Paris, France