• Alberto Cristofari


He was born in Rome in 1955, where he still lives.
He began taking photographs in 1987. After an initial period of activity documenting the political, social, and cultural news of his country, in which he followed and reported street demonstrations, political events and party congresses, he specialized in posed portraits.
He concentrated on researching the most significant personalities in international culture, art, entertainment, science, and economics, creating, in almost thirty years of work, a thousands of writers, authors, poets, scholars, directors, actors and scientists photographed in the most diverse situations, which animate a photographic archive of personalities who have lived through this era.
His archive is enriched every day by new personalities of the international scene.

Rome, Italy

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2012. Fiof Awards Nikon Contest. 2 Silver and 1 Bronze for the research section

Exhibitions & Screenings

2015. Personal exhibition. Portisco, Italy
2012. Orvieto Fotografia. Italy
2012. Group exhibition, Auditorium Parco della Musica. Rome, Italy
2010. Festival Libri Come. Italy
2010. Group exhibition “Itinera#1”. Ex Gil exhibition hall. Rome, Italy