• Chiara Mirelli


Atti Osceni

Atti Osceni is a fanzine where photos are juxtaposed to laws of the Italian civil and penal code, the Constitution, the Code of Performances, and other regulations, as to remind us of our own contradictions and faults and our inability to catch up with the times and protect ourselves.

I Ministri

I met with the band I Ministri for work in 2001. Since then I have started photographing them for their records, backstage of video clips, on tours, and once we became friends, even in the most intimate moments. The photographic work has been going on for more than 12 years and encompasses both the professional part and their private life.


These girls are part of that kind of sports not tied to teams, fans, or organizations, but they enjoy free sport and the urban and natural spaces that surround them. They often agree to meet on beaches, roads or parks simply to share jumps, tricks and figures or passion for a sport with extreme naturalness and open-mindedness.


Chiara Mirelli (b.1976) lives nearby Milan, Italy. In 2001 she graduates in Photography at CFP Riccardo Bauer, Milan, where she furthers her education in Photo Editing in 2006. In 2011 she completes the Documentary Film Making class at Civica Scuola di Cinema in Milan.
Always committed and interested in the music industry, she realized booklets, videoclips, reportages and portraits of several Italian artists.
Her images portray and narrate stories of musicians, singers, actors, entertainment and sports personalities and are regularly featured on Italian and international magazines such as Vanity Fair, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Sportweek, Riders, Gioia, IL-Sole24Ore, Icon-Panorama, D-La Repubblica, L’Espresso, Grazia.
Among her publications there are Note Private (2018), catalogue for her exhibition at Officine Fotografiche Milano and Atti Osceni (2020).
Selected clients include Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner, BMG, RedBull, Aprilia, Lamborghini Automobili, National Geographic Magazine.

Milan, Italy

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