• Davide Lanzilao


Born in Maglie, province of Lecce, in 1974.
After completing scientific studies, he moved to Rome, where he deepened his passion for photography during his university studies. In 1998 he began to work as an assistant for Giovanni Canitano’s studio, where he consolidated his knowledge of technical tools as well as portrait techniques. Since 2001, he partnered with the same studio as photographer focusing on commercial and promotional photography in the music industry. This strong connection allowed him to contribute to the production of images for the music albums by Fiorella Mannoia, Renato Zero, Roberto Vecchioni, MCR, and the such.
Mostly interested in human beings and their relationships with society and the environment, for years he has portrayed show and cultural celebrities as well as ordinary people who stand out for their ideas and initiatives. In 2018 he won the Stories of Circular Economy competition with the report “Panta Rei: una fiaba circolare”, a work focused an original eco-village in Umbria.

Rome, Italy

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2019. Second place ‘Pietro Coccia’ award by the Venice Film Festival and La Repubblica
2018. First prize Stories of Circular Economy competition

Exhibitions & Screenings

2020. “Lector in Fabula” festival in Conversano, Italy
2011. Travelling exhibition. “I Volti Nuovi” by Internazionale and Museum of Turin