• Roberto Caccuri


The beginning of Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

A story that traces some stages that profoundly marked the first weeks of emergency from Covid-19 in Italy, between the provinces of Lodi and Bergamo. Images taken along the checkpoints line that isolated the first Red Zone in the Codogno and lower Lodigiano area, the first virus containment area in the Western world after that of Wuhan in China; others dedicated to the Bergamo emergency, with its emergency warehouses set up to manage the impressive number of coffins of those days; some shots in one of the residences for the elderly sanitized by departments of the Special Forces of Chemical, Bacteriological, Radioactive and Nuclear Defense of the Russian Army in collaboration with the soldiers of the Biological and Chemical Nuclear Defense Regiment (CBRN) "Cremona" of Civitavecchia, of Italian army; and finally a look at the Covid Hotels in Bergamo dedicated to welcoming infected people who did not have an adequate place to spend the quarantine in isolation.


Born in 1975 in Lodi, a small city in northern Italy.
Since 2000 his work is represented by Contrasto. He followed the last three years of Pontificate of Pope John Paul II, accredited in Vatican. Since then, he has developed wide productions focused on environment issues in Italy and abroad, energy, economy, education. In the past few years, he mostly dedicated himself to portraiture.

Lodi, Italy

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Blue Planet Run. Earth Aware. 2007
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36 ore in 100 Città. Contrasto Extra and BNL. 2004


2013. The Other Hundred

Exhibitions & Screenings

2020. Coronavirus Visual Diary. LECTORINFABULA European Cultural Festival. Conversano, Italy
2010. Altri Mari. Visioni d’autore sulla rotta di Hemingway. Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
2009. Lavoro. Fondato sui diritti. Modena, Italy
2007. Photojournalisme. ITALIEN – Soixante ans d’histoire de l’Italie, 1945-2005. Montpellier, France
2007. Italia, un’Emozione Verde. Centro Internazionale di Fotografia di Milano. Milan, Italy
2004. 9th International Architecture Exhibition. Fondazione Querini Stampalia