• Stefano G. Pavesi


Born in Milan in 1966. He started to focus on social reportage in 1994.
In 1999 his project ‘Suburbs’ won the Canon Prize. His images had been showed at collective exhibitions like “Primavisione” (2011) organised by National Iconographic Redactor Group (GRIN) and “Volti nuovi” (2012) organised by weekly magazine Internazionale. In 2015 his personal itinerant exhibition “Le periferie al centro”, travelled with the Italian and european tour of Carovana Internazionale Antimafie, an association supporting legality and social justice.

Milan, Italy

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1999. Canon prize

Exhibitions & Screenings

2015. Le periferie al centro, itinerant exhibition with Carovana Internazionale Antimafie
2012. Volti nuovi collective exhibition by Internazionale magazine
2011. Primavisione, collective exhibition by National Iconographic Redactor Group