• Alfredo Falvo


Lost Angeles

From “The American Dream,” to the Inferno can be a very small step. In Los Angeles you just have to cross one street for it, Mainstreet. In the shadow of L.A.’s postmodern business-core it’s hard to believe your own eyes. Skid Row, an area that covers 10 square blocks, hides no less than 15000 homeless people. It is the largest concentration of homelesness in the country. The “lucky ones” can afford a cheap room in one of the dodgy hotels around Skid Row. Others stay in the missions. Here, lost souls get free food, medical aid and mental support in their struggle against drug or alcohol-addictions. At least ten missions try to swallow the enormous influx of homeless people. But it´s David fighting Goliath. Thousands of men, women and children are exposed to the dark reality of the street.

DRC – Our richness is our disgrace

The Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially one of the richest countries in the world. There is a huge variety of minerals underground: gold, diamonds, petrol, just to quote some, and finally coltan, a conductor used for hi-tech equipment. Nonetheless its population is one of the poorest in the entire world. Coltan mines, producing great richness and fundamental for technological development, are often controlled by foreign multinationals. The miners live in overpopulated villages without water nor electricity, hospitals or drains. Epidemics burst out regularly and can easily kill half of the population. Children, instead of going to school, work in the mines for a few dollars, risking their own life to slip into horizontal tunnels up to ten meters long without any safety measures. “Our richness is our disgrace”, words which are repeated over and over by the Congolese population. Because it is exactly this richness that denies stability to the country.


After studying at the International Center of Photography, Alfredo did an internship at Magnum Photos in New York in the archival department. Even though his diploma was in Fine Art photography he soon realized his passion was for photojournalism. In 2004 and 2005 he worked on a long term project in Los Angeles documenting the difficult reality of Skid Row, an area where 25.000 homeless people live. This project became later a book, Lost Angels, which won the first prize at the International Photography Award. In 2006 he joined Contrasto Photo Agency and moved to Rome where he started collaborating with Unicef Italia and for which he’s worked several times in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin and Chad. From 2011 to 2015 he lived in London where he has worked on several editorial projects. Here he has also worked commercially taking pictures for the Mango Medley launching, King’s College and the commercial campaign of Reveal Media UK. Here he has also been selected by M&C Saatchi to work on two different projects for The House of Peroni. Alfredo also works as a movie still photographer and has taken pictures for three movies produced by Fandango: The past is a foreign land, Cosmonaut and Diaz don’t clean up this blood.

Chianciano Terme, Italy

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Lost Angels. Stockmans. 2006


2009. 1st Prize at the International Photography Award 2009 in the section book/other
2009. 1st prize for “Black and white series” of the Cliciak Photo Contest 2009

Exhibitions & Screenings

2013. La strada and Dominic Sebag Montefiore. The house of Peroni. London, UK
2009. DRC Vittime di una Guerra senza fine. Exhibition organized by UNICEF Italia. Naples, Italy
2009. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Verona, Italy
2009. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Naples, Italy
2008. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Rome, Italy
2007. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Milan, Italy
2007. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Genoa, Italy
2007. Lost Angels: la metropoli dei senzatetto. Fnac. Turin, Italy
2005. Lost Angels. Fotonoviembre, Photography biennial. Isla de Tenerife, Spain
2005. Lost Angels. Visioni prospettiche – DErive METROPOLItane. Photography and contemporary art festival of Biella, Italy
2004. Lost Angels. Aesthetics 2004 at The Perfect Exposure Gallery. Los Angeles, USA
2004. Venice Beach. Foto and Photo, Cesano Maderno, Italy