• Francesca Leonardi


‘O Post Mio – My place

‘O Post Mio is an eight-year photographic work in which I followed the life of Claudia. A woman who, together with her two daughters, occupied an apartment in the Coppola Village for many years. In the 1960s, when the Coppola Village was built, destroying a rich pinewood forest, it was the largest illegal urban agglomeration in Europe. Claudia's life resembles the fate of this pine forest. On her body have been poured flows of violence and marginalization that have transfigured her life. Trough her life I tried to recount how a territory can determine a person’s life. Images of external and internal landscapes are alternated to show the continuity of the unathorized building that enters the life of a family, how these signs affected their choices.

Bed dreams

Thousands of boats land on the Italian coasts and almost all of them on the island of Lampedusa. NGOs estimate that 1 in 4 people lost their lives trying to cross the 81 miles that separate Tunisia from Italy. In recent years, the number of refugees has increased, due to the increase of war and violence in the countries that push their inhabitants out. They dream of a better future and by coming here they become prisoners of the same right of asylum that should have guaranteed them their freedom. They are forced to work without any protection, risking everyday to be reported and forced to return to their country, even if they do not commit crimes.


My name is Francesca Leonardi. I live in Bracciano, near Rome, with my partner, my two children, 8 cats, 5 horses and dozens of cows. When I was 13, I accompanied my mother on a business trip to China. That trip opened me up to the world and made my curiosity about foreign cultures explode. At 21, I emigrated to the United States where I remained for the next 9 years. That’s where I discovered photography. During my stay in New York I attended the ICP (International Center of Photography), studied with Amy Arbus (daughter of Diane Arbus.) And had the privilege of knowing and working with “sacred monsters” like Irving Penn.
I like working on long-term projects both in Italy and abroad. I collaborate with magazines such as Internazionale and with non-governmental organizations such as Save the Children, etc. ‘O Post Mio is my most personal and ambitious project.

Rome, Italy

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O’Post Mio. Postcart. 2020