• Massimo Siragusa


Agrigento, Italian Capital of Culture in 2025

The Sicilian city of Agrigento, famed for its rich archaeological heritage, will be the Italian Capital of Culture in 2025. Located on Sicily's southern coast, Agrigento is best known for its archaeological area, the Valley of the Temples, which has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Tangible Heritage site since 1997. Founded as a Greek colony in the sixth century BC, Agrigento became one of the leading cities in the Mediterranean region.


Since the 1950s, Rome has undergone the transformation of vast agricultural areas into building areas, and the subsequent birth of infinite sequences of high-density apartment blocks along the consular roads to the south and east of the city. Accompanied by the free and anarchic development of almost the rest of the periphery. An endless territory, inhabited by the majority of Roman citizens. A chaotic city, often abusive. With its gates, railings, walls, trees, archaeological finds, cars, which overlap and merge in an extraordinary and unique visual continuity.


The series of photographs of the Sicily project have been made over the last two years. It is a work that aims to focus on the expressive and emotional strength of Sicilian nature. A large majority of the images taken were taken in that magical moment of transition between daylight and dusk, because that is the moment I strongly associate with the very idea of intimacy. Beyond the vastness of its spaces, it is precisely on the idea of intimacy that, I believe, the relationship between us and the nature that surrounds us should be sought.


Photographer, curator and artistic director of Plenum Gallery, Massimo Siragusa lives between Catania and Roma, where he teaches photography at the IED, European Institute of Design. His works have been exhibited in several Museum and Galleries in Italy and abroad and his pictures have been published in the most important International Magazines. With his works of corporate he tells us the identity of the most important Italian industries.

Catania, Italy

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Roma. Postcart. 2020
Magic Coppedè. Alter-Ego. 2019
Il Cretto Grande. Postcart. 2018
Respirano i Muri. Contrasto. 2018
L’Emozione della Vertigine. Fondazione Capri. 2015
12 Portali. Allemandi. 2015
12 Portali. Allemandi. 2014
Teatro d’Italia. Contrasto. 2012
Di Cosa Abbiamo Bisogno. Corraini. 2012
Bologna. Lo spettacolo di una Città. Contrasto. 2011
Solo in Italia. Contrasto. 2008
Le Stagioni del Parco. Contrasto. 2007
Credi. Domenico Sanfilippo. 2003
Il Cerchio Magico. Contrasto. 2001
Il Vaticano. Federico Motta. 1999


2015. 2° Prize Architecture – Sony World Photography Awards
2014. 1° Prize Interiors – MIFA Moscow International Foto Award
2013. Prize Marco Bastianelli
2009. 3° Prize Contemporary Issues – World Press Photo
2008. 2° Prize Arts Stories – World Press Photo
2006. 1° Prize – GRIN
1999. 1° Prize – Fuji Film Euro Press Photo Awards
1999. 1° Prize Arts Stories – World Press Photo
1997. 2° Prize Daily Life – World Press Photo

Exhibitions & Screenings

2019. Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome
2018. Galleria del Cembalo, Rome
2016. Regole d’Ampezzo, Cortina
2015. Fondazione Capri, Certosa S.Giacomo, Capri
2014. Festival Photomed, Sanary sur Mer
2013. Festival MAST, Bologna
2012. Festival Cortona on the Move, Cortona
2011. Polka Galerie, Paris
2011. Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome
2011. Museo in Trastevere, Rome
2009. Foto Vernissage Manege, St. Petersburg
2009. Coalface Gallery, Genk
2008. Festival Fotografia di Roma, Rome
2007. Paris Photo, Paris
2007. Centro Fotografia, Tenerife
2006. Le Ciminiere, Catania
2001 Galleria EOS, Milan
1999. Incontri Internazionali di Fotografia, Alberobello
1998. Biennale Fotografia, Turin
1998. Leica Gallery, Milan