Climate Change Italia

A project by Green&Blue and Contrasto

Seven Contrasto photographers documented the current state of the climate crisis in Italy, from its effects to the search for solutions.

The desertification that affects western Sicily parched by fires and crossed by dry rivers and lakes photographed by Massimo Siragusa. Glaciers at risk of survival and the Po river, which has reached historic lows in recent years, documented by Francesco Anselmi. Valeria Scrilatti worked with those who engage in research, monitoring and biodiversity conservation projects. From hydroelectric to green hydrogen, Lorenzo Maccotta photographed energy technologies, engine of tomorrow’s industry. Mattia Balsamini entered companies where the green and circular economy are already a reality. Mattia Zoppellaro went among the communities fighting for the self-production of renewable energy, creating associations to found energy communities. Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi presents a series of portraits of the protagonists of the green revolution, those who are finding solutions for adaptation or mitigation of the climate crisis.