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Over the last decade, the Mediterranean ecosystem has drastically changed due to climate change, populating itself with alien species that endanger biodiversity and, in some cases, the livelihood of communities. The blue crab (Portunus Segnis) is an invasive alien species from the Red Sea that has settled and proliferated in several Mediterranean seas, including the Gulf of Gabès in Tunisia. Arrived in 2014, with a demographic explosion in August 2015, the crab found favorable conditions for its settlement thanks to the vulnerability of the ecosystem and climate change. Expanding rapidly throughout the gulf, it has become a dominant species which, together with pollution and intensive fishing, contributes to the decline of marine biodiversity, feeding mainly on crustaceans, molluscs and fish


“Est”, started in 2014 and still ongoing, relates this territory of the middle, the territory of “another” Rome, agglomeration almost inadvertent of areas originally separated such as Quadraro, Pigneto, Torpignattara and Casal Bertone. After decades, it connects pieces of a mosaic stratified in a century, according to a strange effect of overall balance. Over the years, this work has turned, crossing the boundaries of the territorial investigation, into a diary of my personal view of the city.

The Bush School

In Liberia female genital mutilation is legal and it is practiced as an initiation into a secret society of women, known as Sande, which is spread in 11 of the 15 counties of the nation. In its “bush schools”, whose rite of access is the cut of the clitoris, the girls spend a period from few months up to three years, in order to learn the respect for the elderly, their duties of future wives and mothers, dances and songs. And they remain totally illiterate. Those who are not Sande members remain on a lower social level and can’t aspire to a good marriage.

Crossing the River

Despite the progress, 66% of the global mortality for pregnancy related causes still occurs in Subsaharan Africa only. Over her reproductive lifespan, an African woman has one chance in 36 of dying during childbirth, while for a European or North American mother the risk is only one in 4,900. The most frequent cause of death is hemorrhage, followed by infections at childbirth, hypertension during pregnancy, and abortions practiced in precarious hygiene conditions. In many rural areas, access to health facilities is hard due to poor road conditions; health staff is not enough; frequent teenage pregnancies increase complications. Even some traditional believes can obstruct safe childbirths, as well as poverty and gender inequality.

Almost wild

The zoo is a kind of theme park where life, with its dimension of the unusual and the marvellous, is taken away from our everyday experience and is hermetically closed off and vacuum-packed inside the box of a vulgar and low-quality spectacle. With the merging of the “natural” into such an “unnatural” context the false and artificial scenario is totally dominant, and it has the sweet and cloying taste of an obscure and clichéd art-house film, emerging grotesquely from an indecorous and tasteless trivialization of uncontaminated nature.


Valeria Scrilatti was born in Pesaro (Italy) in 1985. She lives in Rome and since 2016 she’s been represented by Contrasto agency. Her early works have investigated zoological institutions putting animals on display inside artificial copies of their habitats and the transformation underway in the former suburbs east of Rome. Afterwards, she realized reportages in Tunisia about racial discrimination and minorities who have been excluded from the democratic process; in Georgia on the cultural revolution carried out by the youth of the first post-Soviet generation; in Italy on the reception of migrants through multidimensional integration processes. Recently, thanks to the Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme, she’s traveling to report on maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rome, Italy

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2019. PHmuseum Women Photographers Grant – Shortlisted
2018. Innovation in Development Reporting Grants. Journalism Centre
2015. Prix “Résidence pour la Photographie”, Fondation des treilles – Shortlisted
2015. Fotoleggendo XI – III Prize
2015. Life Framer – Animal Kingdom – Shortlisted
2013. RearViewMirror. RVM#9 Brand New Talent

Exhibitions & Screenings

2019. Somerset House East Wing, London
2019. Photo Vogue Festival. Projection, Milan
2019. Photo Open Up. Palazzo Angeli, Padova
2019. Fondazione Sassi, Matera
2019. Campus Luigi Einaudi, Turin
2016. Life Framer. Menier Gallery, London
2015. Life Framer. Oberkampf Gallery, Paris
2015. Life Framer. Espace Juraplatz. Biel, Bienne
2015. Slideluck “Still Moving”. Chiostro di San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome
2014. Guest Room: Katrin Weber. Der Greif Galerie f5,6, Munich
2014. 2NC-Fest “Multipli-cities”. Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome
2014. Slideluck “Close to me”. Spazio Labo’ | Centro di fotografia, Bologna
2014. Der Greif – A Process. Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus. Augsburg
2013. XII Festival Internazionale di Fotografia – Linee d’ombra, Ex-Gil, Rome
2013. Nacked City Project – Roma la nuda città, ex Cartiera Latina, Rome
2011. Achtzig – Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin