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A new Order, Berlin Diary

Berlin Diary is a research that documents the margins of society, an investigation into different worlds including relationships, the loneliness of the human being, alcoholism and abuse, lovers and their conflicts, the nightlife and in the end the relationship between people and city.

Another Day

Another Day is a diary, a collection of images and a long-term research. In this space the city of Rome is documented through stories of places and people. An investigation into different worlds, in a society where relationships, private moments, loneliness, abuse, love, nightlife, music and artists are explored , and finally investigates the relationship between certain people and the city.

Beyond the Borders

First time I came to Lampedusa, 3 years ago, I documented the arrival of 20.000 immigrants escaping from their homeland thorn apart by war and riots. What really hit me during my stay was the reaction of locals while they were assisting at this invasion. These people, during the past 20 years, have been welcoming desperate human beings in search for a better life with solidarity and silence. Lampedusa inhabitants are a small community that showed me great respect for uman dignity and how it is possible to pursue pacific coabitation. These islanders are simple people, with souls deep as their sea, that fronted the desperation of the immigrants not with fear, but with an helping hand.


Guido Gazzilli was born in Rome in 1983.
In 2006 he graduated from the IED in Rome in “Visual Arts”. Since 2007 he began to photograph the street, working on some youth subcultures, then on artists of the international music scene. Since 2010 his work focuses on the identity and conditions of the human being, through personal and subjective narratives with anthropological and social research. He has collaborated for several brands and he works on commission for magazines, He worked as an assistant for Paolo Pellegrin (2010-2013).
He teaches during workshops organized by art academies.
He lives and works in Rome.

Rome, Italy

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2010. First Prize Fotoleggendo
2011. Canon Young Photograher Award
2012. Joop Swart World Press Masterclass
2012. Lumix Multimedia Award

Exhibitions & Screenings

2019. MACRO, Memorie dal Carcere Reaction. Rome, Italy
2015. Biennale of Lyon, 9ph Recontres. Lyon, France
2014. Fotografia Festival Roma- Macro. Rome, Italy
2011. Fotoleggendo. Rome Italy
2010. Human Kind, New York Photofestival. New York City, USA