ALMA MATER STUDIORUM Università di Bologna


The book “Alma Mater/A Future History“ along with the exhibition “Innovating the future since 1088”narrates the Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna through the lens of Mattia Zoppellaro and Lorenzo Maccotta.

“A project entrusted to two Italian authors, Lorenzo Maccotta and Mattia Zoppellaro, who are not too far away in terms of sensitivity and culture, from the students who live and work in these spaces today. Lorenzo and Mattia explored these places with attention and amazement; they moved between Bologna and the Romagna campuses, entered libraries crowded with books and classrooms dominated by screens, mingled with students in the lobbies, corridors, arches of magnificent cloisters full of historical references and in the rarefied spaces of laboratories occupied by futuristic technologies, have climbed majestic stairways embellished with sculptures and frescoes, then cross environments designed by imposing structures of glass and steel”. – Claudio Marra, professor of History of Contemporary Art at Unibo.