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Il me país al è colòur smarít

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region with a special statute in north-eastern Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and bordering with Austria and Slovenia, rich in natural beauty such as the Dolomites and the Grado lagoon.A region constantly protagonist of history but often forgotten, a place where different cultures and peoples meet and unite, a hybrid territory, long disputed but often considered 'foreign' by the rest of the nation.Between these lands flows the river Isonzo, sacred to the peoples of Italy because of the many young men who lost their lives during the eleven bloody battles that saw this place play a leading role during the First World War. An area that is rarely a tourist destination, despite its history, nature and bucolic landscapes that also inspired the young Pasolini, who witnessed the poverty of the peasants and the rurality that still characterises the region's economy today.

TAV – We are still dreaming

What does it mean to live a life that forces you to always question the goodness of your country's institutions and that leads you to consider the figures who should protect you as a threat to your freedom?"We are still dreaming" is a visual investigation of the community of young people under 30 who live in the Susa Valley, one of the wildest alpine valleys in Italy. This place holds the record for being the most militarized place in the country and for hosting the longest lasting protest movement ever in Italy: the No Tav.The movement, originated in the early 90s, aims to oppose the construction of the high-speed railway line Turin-Lyon, considered a waste of public money and a harm to the territory.In over 30 years of work and projects not even one meter of the 7 km of tunnels foreseen – which should serve the passage of the trains - has been realized.With my project " We are still dreaming " I have visited and met many people from the community and tell my story of their struggle through their faces and surroundings. An intimate narrative of this new generation of young people who have never known a life without struggles, denunciations, arrests and protests.


Matteo Trevisan (Gorizia, 1991) is a documentary photographer and a videomaker who divides his time between Rome, the city where he lives and works, and Gorizia, his place of origin.

In 2018, after studying photography at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata in Rome, he started to collaborate with different angecies and newspapers.

Trevisan’s projects mainly focus on social issues, particulary related to the environment and anthropology and his photographs have been published in major magazines such as the New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Internazionale and more.

Since 2020, he has been working with the different associations, NGO and important istitutions like GreenPeace and UNESCO.

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2022 Fotoleggendo XV, Winner 2022
2022 Canon Development Programme, Finalist for Europe, Africa and Middle Est area 2022
2022 International Photography Awards, Honorable mention 2022
2022 IPIC – Imago Photo International Contest, Finalist
2022 Lugano Photo, Finalist
2022 Urban Photo Award, Short list
2020 Amnesty “Cattura i diritti della luca”, Winner


Exhibitions & Screenings

2022 CoviDiaries. Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano, Italy
2020 The Door to Europe. Officine fotografiche. Roma, Italy
2020 The Door to Europe. Sala civica di Cervignano, Italy
2020 The Door to Europe. Koke. Roma, Italy
2019 Roma Est. ISFCI. Roma, Italy